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About us

We have over two decades of ratings experience under our belts, with over one thousand films submitted and dozens more scheduled in the coming months. We have strong relationships with the MPAA, and have helped countless films receive the rating they deserve and worked with countless producers, directors, writers and editors getting their films ready for submission.

Finally we could delay it no longer, we had to have this MPAA screening. So we submitted it to the MPAA, and I had my arguments ready to go. I was ready for the holy war of all time. Then I get the call from Ethan Noble, and he's like, "How's your day going so far?" And I said, "It's going well, sir, but I know you're gonna hit me with the news so it's gonna hurt so you might as well get it out of the way." And he's like, "Surprise! We got the R." And I was like, "WHAT? They gave us an R? With no cuts?”
Director Kevin Smith, Movie City News Interview

Our Business

We believe in the ratings system, but we are here to help you get the rating that your movie deserves. Just like any group controlled by real people, there are flaws and inaccuracies in the system, but we will help you avoid and overcome them to get you the rating we also believe most American parents would agree your film should have.

About the Chairman

Ethan Noble

Ethan worked for Miramax/Dimension Films since the late 90's and more recently The Weinstein Company, submitting films to the MPAA such as:

  • CLERKS 2
  • SCARY MOVIE series


Click here to see an interview of Kevin Smith discussing his experience with the MPAA.

Note: Contains explicit language and is not appropriate for minors.